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Experience a little. Learn a lot. Laugh more.

Lele Mason is a rising actress, dancer, comedienne and professional guide in corporate leadership, professional  development,  team building, and communication. For your professional, organizational, corporate and comedic needs she is the lady to see.

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The Full Story
   Originally, from the greater Washington Metropolitan Area (DMV) she is best described as a very funny lady with a unique perspective.  Using her Masters degree in Public Administration from North Carolina Central University; she learned to combine her understanding of organizational development with comedy to enhance professional environments. In 2012, she began her career in acting and  comedy through improvisation at the world renowned Second City Training Center Chicago. There, she met and co-founded the all black female improvisation team EbonyEssenceJet. In 2017 she was selected for the fourth iteration of NBC Universals' Bob Curry Comedy Fellowship. While on her improv journey she wrote and starred in various one-woman shows. Making the transition to Stand-Up became a natural choice. She has been a public speaker, teacher, and corporate facilitator since 2005. She has taught in numerous capacities and subjects of grades K-12. She has the ability to connect with audiences of all ages.    Now, she is currently working in professional spaces with companies that include: Second City Works and Radical Candor to help businesses and individuals enhance their organization.  She understands team dynamics and the importance of communication. Her goal is to always maintain and support: inclusive, fun, brave, and safe working environments. You can now catch her observational, experiential, and curious approach on a virtual stage or stage near you. 



  • workshops (keynote, virtual or in person)

  • group led discussions

  • show (have Lele perform or host your next workplace function).

Groups that best benefit:

  • student organizations

  • Leadership

  • Cross Functional Teams 

  • Teams ( sports, professional, personal)

  • Teachers

  • PTA

  • Organizations small and large

  • Organizations experiencing change

 Lele Mason is well versed in merging professional objectives with comedic messaging. Booking any of the aforementioned experiences participants can expect to engage in experiential/ interactive exercises that will provide a heightened perspective and alternate way of thought. 

Learn :

  •  Team building

  •  communication

  •  active inclusion

  •  vulnerability

  •  support

  •  solution based thinking

  •  brave spaces

  •  honest conversations

  •  change management

  •  opportunity of curiosity

         and more 

Laugh- When it's all said and done Lele Mason will have you laughing at our shared human experience. 

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Book now- Laugh later

Opportunities(All services are client specific.) 

Workshops( virtual, in-person, or virtual /in-person keynote)- experiential, interactive, and customized to meet the client's professional goals and objectives (ex. Duration of workshop, type of workshop, and number of participants) 
Group led discussion-(leadership, team, and student based opportunities) Participants will engage in thought provoking, honest, brave, and solution based discussions to meet the client's professional goals and objectives. 
Performance- (show or host) based on the client's needs Lele Mason can host or perform for your next work function. 

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In need of corporate, professional, or student workshops as well  Event Host book Lele Mason.

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